Soft story retrofitting can be performed using various methods such as shear walls, a moment frame “Steel frame,” or a cantilever column. While designing their plans, engineers should consider the cost of construction. The most economical way to prepare plans is by using cantilever columns. Factors like column size, footing size, amount of concrete, trenches, and top-floor connections must be considered to reduce costs.

When it comes to choosing the right option for your seismic retrofit, the cost is a significant consideration. Hiring a contractor can be advantageous as they have a vested interest in being competitive and offering the most economical solution. Contractors can provide both engineering plans and construction services as a package deal, providing property owners with better value for their money.

In conclusion, property owners can benefit from hiring a contractor to handle both the engineering and construction aspects of the seismic retrofitting project as a package deal. This can result in cost savings and a more efficient project overall.